Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last Week....

I completely forgot to post my couponing deals from last week! I had tons of frozen stuff and hurried and got them in the freezer and didn't take a picture. But I will list my receipt! Here is what I got.......

1 Doritos Chips
1 Frosted Flakes
1 Peroxide
1 Angie Mama Pancake Mix
2 Imitation crab meat
1 Swiffer Wet Jet replacement cleaner
2 Digiorno Pizza
4 cans of tomato sauce
6 boxes of pasta
2 Maybelline mascara
6 tubs of butter
4 boxes of homestyle mac n cheese
1 bacon
4 boxes of perdue chicken

Total before Coupons: $108.86
Total after Coupons: $39.82
Total Savings: $69.04
Percentage Saved: 64%

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