Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hamilton and I have learned to become very patient these last few months. Almost everything in our life right now is just "pending". We are just sitting back and waiting for things to change. At this point, everything is basically out of our control and in God's hands. We are waiting for a house to come along .... and that could take months! We are also waiting on Hamilton to get a better job.....that could also take months!! Also, we are waiting to pay off our loans. We are doing great so far but I hate these times where we are waiting for the end of the month to throw more money at the loans. We are also waiting for the right time to have kids because we need a house and he needs a better job.... So right now all we can do is WAIT and it's killing me!!

Pray that we will be patient and please pray that we will find a house sometime soon and that Hamilton will get a better job!! Because all of our plans basically revolve around that!!

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