Friday, June 24, 2011

Pre-Baby Bucket List

I'm not going to lie.... I have a bad case of baby fever. But I also have a bad case of BROKE! So, with that being said... don't get your hopes up because it will still be a while before we plan on having a baby. But I decided to make a list of things I would like to get accomplished before we have a baby...
  1. Pay off part 1 of the Ed Financial Loan
  2. Buy a house 
  3. Hamilton get a new job or promotion
  4. Take at least one more vacation to somewhere cool, like Universal Studios or Disney World (May 2012 hopefully!!!)
  5. Buy a video camera & maybe even a new digital camera
  6. Save up $$$ for a new (used) car
  7. Eat healthier (and in the process lose the 10 lbs I gained since I've been married...)
  8. Print all of my wedding pictures, put them in a picture book & in frames 
  9. Savor every minute of my time without a child by doing things like this: sleep in, more date nights, mini-vacations, cleaning with harsh chemicals, etc....

    1 comment:

    1. This is a really good list :)

      and I must say if I wasn't pregnant, I would probably have baby fever as well.
      But it's definitely a smart move to have a plan of action before life with Baby.
      I'm starting to freak out about not being ready to have a baby... but I guess it's a little too late to worry about it now.. hehe