Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Publix Trip

Well today wasn't my best publix run because I had to get a lot of things that I didn't have coupons for like milk and meat

 spent $51.00 and saved $118.00

 check out that receipt! 
ok so the shopping trip included some some things like:
4 boxes of brownies- .4 cents each
2 bottles ketchup- 1.00 each
6 kraft macaroni n cheese- .60 each (not that great but i love mac n cheese)
2 big things of toilet paper (24 counts)- 4.94 each
4 sour cream- .50 each
2 fresheta pizzas- 4.00 each
2 all detergent- 1.99 each
1 publix windex- .01 cent each
4 lawrys marinade- .59 each
2 pack of yogurt (4 in each pack) - free
rotel tomatoes, 2 lbs hamburger meat, lays potato chips, milk, velveta block cheese, 2 tubs bryer ice cream, 2 boxes cereal, 3 packs italian ice... i think that's pretty much it!

My stockpile...

If you have seen the show on TLC called "Extreme Couponing" then you might expect my stockpile to fill up an entire room in my apartment. Well, that ain't how I roll. I don't buy more than I need. Sales have cycles and I buy enough to last me until the next one. So, my stockpile might not look as impressive as theirs but this is a lot healthier than their habits.
this freezer may not look very different from other peoples, but i paid almost nothing for all of that stuff in the freezer. 

 yeah we have to store stuff in our broom closet. inside that green bin is tons of hamburger helper, brownies, rice, pasta, salad dressing, bread crumbs.....

 we got all of this stuff for free. every. last. thing.

 my favorite stockpile! laundry detergent and fabric softener!

 these are the detergents i picked up sunday at cvs for a total of $4.00 (each one was originally $5.00 a pop)

our awesome paper towel and toilet paper stash. we are actually running low....


I have had several requests that I should show my "couponing adventures" on this blog. I decided I will do that since couponing is the coolest thing ever and I hope to inspire people! Not only do I want to inspire people by starting to coupon, but also want people to take a look at their finances and create a budget. I know I sound like a nerd but it is amazing how much money people spend on crap that they don't even realize! When me and Hamilton first got married we would make weekend trips to Walmart and would spend about $150 in groceries for the week, and then we'd be right back to Walmart the next week. Well, two months after we got married I realized we just couldn't live like this. We have always had a budget so I knew where all of our money was going and we squeezed out all that we could. I will never forget the day I was introduced to couponing.....~~~~I got a phone call from my sister Rachel who told me about a website she heard of and about an awesome coupon deal at Target. I went to the website and printed the coupons and then I was off to Target. There I bought 4 John Frieda shampoos and conditioners for $4.00 (saved $18) I was HOOKED!!! Now I go to the grocery store a couple of times a week and spend a total of maybe $30 each week.  So hopefully this blog will be entertaining and inspiring!.......?

 this is a picture of my couponing book. 

 this is the inside. see how nice and organized it is?

 yeah, thats right. i have an index for it

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Ever since I started this blog I couldn’t wait to blog again! But as the weekend went on I realized I had nothing interesting to blog about. I have dug deep trying to think about an interesting post to post… but got nothing. So, I will just accept that I am a boring person and will blog about my wonderful, but not so interesting, life!

The weekend started off great! Friday night Hamilton made me his famous strawberry smoothies and we snuggled and watched a movie. Saturday morning Hamilton had to go to work but he let me sleep in. I woke up around 10:30 am (which use to be SOOOO EARLY to me, but now it’s actually pretty late for me!) I started my normal Saturday routine of cleaning! I am a super OCD person when it comes to cleaning, organizing and clutter. I don’t know where I got it from, b/c nobody in my family is this way. I guess I was just blessed!  So I cleaned most of the morning and then Hamilton got home and he helped me clean some! *Our apartment was super dirty b/c we had just gotten back from our cruise and we were way too lazy to clean the house last week* Other than that, I have no idea what we did that day. We just sat around the house and did nothing! Which we love doing…

Sunday we went to church and then I went to CVS to hit up a great couponing deal! I got 132 loads of Purex laundry detergent for $4.00. (Retail price like $16.00 or more) I was SOOOO excited about it b/c my detergent stockpile is almost gone. Then we went to Ruby Tuesday’s and stuffed ourselves. We thought about going to the store, but realized we were way too full and just wanted to take a nap. So we did, well I did. He played the xbox. What a dork.

Monday I attempted to cook supper for him. I made homemade mashed potatoes (which were da bomb), wild rice, snapper peas, and creamed corn. But I just couldn’t touch the raw meat.....bluh…. So I waited for him to get home and he made his awesome chicken tenders. Then we watched Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelorette! It was a good Monday….

Friday, May 20, 2011

My first blog....

I have mixed feelings about starting this blog.....I love reading other people's blogs and I was excited to start one.... but now that I have started one I feel kinda weird just writing about my life, ya know?  I feel like blogs are more for people who live far from their family, have children, or have something interesting going on in their lives. I don't really have any of the above... so I'm not sure if I will ever have anything to blog about.

This is a very important time in our lives right now though. Hamilton and I have just been married ONE YEAR and we are trying to get everything in order for the future. There are so many things to prepare for like buying a house, having a baby, etc. About 2 months after we got married I discovered the awesome world of COUPONING. It has been such a blessing and it's also something that I love to do (I'm a nerd).We have been like gung-ho on the Dave Ramsey plan and are trying to pay off as much of our student loans as soon as possible. It's kinda become like a game to us and we are very focused on it. So I will probably end up blogging a lot about my couponing adventures, our debt snowball, and probably end up complaining a lot more than I should....

 P.s The name of my blog is DeBlog.... because my last name is DeBary and this is my blog... teeeheee