Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Publix Trip

Well today wasn't my best publix run because I had to get a lot of things that I didn't have coupons for like milk and meat

 spent $51.00 and saved $118.00

 check out that receipt! 
ok so the shopping trip included some some things like:
4 boxes of brownies- .4 cents each
2 bottles ketchup- 1.00 each
6 kraft macaroni n cheese- .60 each (not that great but i love mac n cheese)
2 big things of toilet paper (24 counts)- 4.94 each
4 sour cream- .50 each
2 fresheta pizzas- 4.00 each
2 all detergent- 1.99 each
1 publix windex- .01 cent each
4 lawrys marinade- .59 each
2 pack of yogurt (4 in each pack) - free
rotel tomatoes, 2 lbs hamburger meat, lays potato chips, milk, velveta block cheese, 2 tubs bryer ice cream, 2 boxes cereal, 3 packs italian ice... i think that's pretty much it!


  1. Hey! I would love to see your spreadsheet!!! I'm so ready to get started! I just can't stand it!

  2. I have been unaware of this new phenom until this past weekend at the beach. TLC was playing episode after episode of what I thought was about boarders but come to find out they were actually "extreme couponers." I am going to start couponing for diapers!!! But please, don't ever aquire 1000 boxes of toothpaste! I WILL have you committed!! I am so happythat I can now stalk you just a little more ;)