Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Super Savings!!

So the Publix run today wasn't the best in the world, but  my trip to Walmart sure was! At publix I got $70.87 worth of stuff for $23.80... so I saved about $47.07. It doesn't look like I got too much but I got 4 things of Lysol wipes and those things are normally like $5.00 a pop. So I'm pretty excited. Check it:

  • Doritos
  • Chex Mix
  • 3 cream cheese
  • 4 Lysol wipes
  • 2 Nutri-grain cereal bars
  • 1 crystal lite container
  • planter peanuts
  • 2 frozen meals
  • cat food (it was overage.... i dont even have a cat!)
  • betty crocker potatoes
Then we went to Walmart and bought $57.86 worth of groceries for $5.86.... which means we saved like $52.00!!! That is my best ever at Walmart. In fact, it was so good that it locked up the register and required a manager to override it! Wahooo!!

  • 2 Nivea shave gel
  • 8 advils
  • 4 dial soap
  • 2 KY jelly
  • 2 playtex panty liners
  • 4 packs of razors
  • ajax cleaner
  • homestyle bake
  • 1 nivea after shave gel
  • 3 packs of gum
  • benadryl itch stick


  1. Ok so where do u get your coupons??? This is awesome!

  2. I buy 4 Sunday Papers every week and then just print them off the internet when I need them.

  3. Ill have to try that! Thanks!