Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Kitchen

This is our kitchen. It's not a very good picture b/c you can't see the entire thing, but we will work with this for now. This kitchen is really nice, but small. The #1 thing on Hamilton's house wish list was a big kitchen... (my #1 was a basement) but when we found this house we realized that we could not pass it up, even if the kitchen was small. After looking at this picture for the past month we've decided exactly how we want it to look. We are soooo excited about personalizing it! The first thing we are going to do is paint the cabinets. GASP! I know, I know. But we hate oak cabinets. We decided we will paint them a dark brown (bittersweet chocolate). We also are going to change out the knobs with some cool, modern, stainless steel kind. We bought them on eBay and just got them in the mail. This is what they look like:
Stainless Steel Arch Cabinet Drawer Pull Handle BOX 25                    
They match the curves of our appliances and the stainless steel matches our applicanes so I thought they would look awesome in our modern kitchen. We also bought the back splash for the kitchen.We got it on sale the other day at Home Depot and are in love with it. That will be a challenge to lay it, but we are just excited to do it!!! Then we are going to paint the walls, b/c the red just ain't working for us. Eventually we will replace the sink & the light fixture and maybe one day if we stumble upon some money then we will replace the counter tops. I can't wait to post before and after pictures of all of our rooms. We plan on painting like all of them (b/c the previous owners were obsessed with orange & red).......

Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 more weeks!!!

Just to update everyone on the house... and when I say "everybody" I mean the 3 people that might read this. Ha ha. Currently we are still waiting on the house/loan/underwriting process to get all sorted out. It feels like it's been 3 months since we bid on that house. We are more than ready to leave our apartment. The apartment itself is cute and clean, but we have the weirdest insect problem. We don't have like ants or roaches (well we have seen both before in there) but we have spiders, crickets & silverfish. SILVERFISH?! There was one on Hamilton's pillow last night before we went to sleep. How weird?? Anyways, needless to say we are ready to get into our own place and re-decorate and personalize it. We have finally decided on our kitchen colors and we are very happy! We are going to paint our kitchen cabinets a chocolate brown, add stainless steel hardware, a funky back splash and blue walls. It sounds weird, but trust me I have a vision! Our kitchen was already green and black so we are just adding blue. We got the inspiration from Rachael Ray's funky kitchen with her greens, blues & oranges! We have so many ideas and we can't wait to put them into action! Our house is gonna be da bomb. So as I sit here and wait out the longest 3 weeks of my life I think about what I am the most excited about with this house. The fact that I get to paint the walls? Have a garage? Have a basement!!? No, I am pretty sure I'm the most excited about the beautiful stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. And, about having 2 separate sinks. And having a hallway. And having more than 1 closet. And the fireplace! I am sooooo excited for the fall!! We are going to build a fire with REAL logs in our fire place and grill out and watch some Auburn football. Man, Fall is the best season ever! It needs to hurry up and get here!!!