Thursday, June 9, 2011

House Hunting

I don't normally have anything to talk about on here besides couponing. But now I do....Hamilton and I have began house hunting. It's super scary to think that we are going to own a home some day... and that day seems to be closer than we thought. We were going to wait until Jan to begin looking for a house (our lease ends in March) but we realized that the city we are house hunting in is a really competitive market. We are looking for a house in Bremen, GA so that we can send our kids to one of the best schools in the area (in my opinion).  And they will be there with their cousins Madison & Makinzie... well they might be in High School by that time. Ha ha. Not only do we want to live in Bremen, but we HAVE to have a basement... ... I can't compromise on that b/c of how terribly afraid I am of storms. I gotta have my little nook in the basement full of water, flashlights, etc...  Also, we are looking in a very popular price point and everyone is looking to get into the city limits b/c of the schools. So, we decided we'd go ahead and begin looking b/c we know it will be a long process and we'd rather start sooner than later. We are very excited about this and also scared to death! I can't believe we could even own a house. It's a huge responsibility and I am freaking out!! We have already fallen in love with one house and wouldnt you know it, it's now off the market and under contract. We were too slow. This house hunting stuff is really frustrating already!!


  1. I definitely think it's smart to start earlier. We found our house about a month before moved into it. But we are completely in love with our house!! And it has absolutely everything we could ask for. And I agree with the basement thing.. I could not imagine having a house without a basement now. It's great for storage and for keeping safe in storms :)

  2. how long did it take you to find your house? from like start to closing?

  3. also, post some pictures of your house on your blog!!!