Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We are homeowners!!!

.... and I'm still warming up to that fact! I love being in a house but I had no idea the terror that would come with home-ownership! I think that once I get over this "scared" stage that I will be a lot more gung-ho about it. Don't get me wrong, I love having a house but I am not 100% excited, I am like 95% and 5% scared to death. I guess the reason I am scared is b/c we had a huge reality check this weekend when we moved in. That stupid tropical storm came up in our grill and jacked us all up. Well, it could have. We had a huge tree in our back yard that was dead as a doornail. It was spongy and literally looked like it would fall any minute. So,  my awesome lumber jack deddy decided to cut it down.... I kinda regretted asking him too as soon as that chain saw cranked. I took off running down the road to avoid seeing my brand spankin' new house get smashed by a tree. Thankfully, it fell right in the backyard.... and will probably stay there for months since we have a million other things to do that are more important than tree clean-up. Anyways, that was enough to about give me a heart attack. Then it rained non-stop Monday! We live at the bottom of the hill and the inspector said we need to make sure our drainage is working properly to avoid a flooding. It seems to work fine, but it still is really scary when you see water pouring and rushing out over your retaining wall out in front of your garage. So far we have gotten moved into our house and still have a few items left to get out of the apartment. We primed the basement and most of the entry... but the entry is about 30 feet high and it was previously painted bright orange... which is hard to get rid of... especially if you are on a 25 foot ladder stetching your arms just as far as you can to cover it. Hamilton did all that he could after standing on a ladder 3 hours yesterday, but we still have a few orange corners we can't reach. Not sure what we will do.... but we still have like 4 or 5 more rooms to prime and paint. Anybody wanna come over and help?

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