Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Kitchen

This is our kitchen. It's not a very good picture b/c you can't see the entire thing, but we will work with this for now. This kitchen is really nice, but small. The #1 thing on Hamilton's house wish list was a big kitchen... (my #1 was a basement) but when we found this house we realized that we could not pass it up, even if the kitchen was small. After looking at this picture for the past month we've decided exactly how we want it to look. We are soooo excited about personalizing it! The first thing we are going to do is paint the cabinets. GASP! I know, I know. But we hate oak cabinets. We decided we will paint them a dark brown (bittersweet chocolate). We also are going to change out the knobs with some cool, modern, stainless steel kind. We bought them on eBay and just got them in the mail. This is what they look like:
Stainless Steel Arch Cabinet Drawer Pull Handle BOX 25                    
They match the curves of our appliances and the stainless steel matches our applicanes so I thought they would look awesome in our modern kitchen. We also bought the back splash for the kitchen.We got it on sale the other day at Home Depot and are in love with it. That will be a challenge to lay it, but we are just excited to do it!!! Then we are going to paint the walls, b/c the red just ain't working for us. Eventually we will replace the sink & the light fixture and maybe one day if we stumble upon some money then we will replace the counter tops. I can't wait to post before and after pictures of all of our rooms. We plan on painting like all of them (b/c the previous owners were obsessed with orange & red).......


  1. Those stainless steel appliances are really really nice!!!!!

  2. HI, you asked about my wall color. It's Valspar's (Lowe's) Fioli Carriage House. It's a mix between a sage and a gray, but is in the tan family. It's an interesting color, but I am VERY happy with it. Not your typical tan, but still neutral enough to go with everything!

  3. I would love to see how the backsplash turned out! My husband and I have been looking at doing that. Also, rustoleum makes a product to paint countertops. My parents just used it in their basement kitchen and it turned ou great! A cheap solution for countertops until you are ready to shell out the big bucks for new ones!