Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We found a house!

Man, we are on a roll with this "pre-baby bucket list"! We marked off #2 on this list! We are currently under contract for a house that we found 2 weeks ago. We weren't expecting to find one this soon! I got a call from my realtor 2 weeks ago saying that I had to check this house out. We went to see it the next day and fell in love with it and put a bid on it that night! After one counter-offer we had ourselves a contract! We had the termite inspection & the home inspection and they both turned out great! Couldn't ask for a more perfect house... just small things to fix! The only major problem we have is the dead tree in the backyard. We asked them to cut it down and are hoping they will say yes! So.... just a little glimpse of our house:

  1. Pay off part 1 of the Ed Financial Loan
  2. Buy a house 
  3. Hamilton get a new job or promotion
  4. Take at least one more vacation to somewhere cool, like Universal Studios or Disney World (May 2012 hopefully!!!)
  5. Buy a video camera & maybe even a new digital camera
  6. Save up $$$ for a new (used) car
  7. Eat healthier (and in the process lose the 10 lbs I gained since I've been married...)
  8. Print all of my wedding pictures, put them in a picture book & in frames 
  9. Savor every minute of my time without a child by doing things like this: sleep in, more date nights, mini-vacations, cleaning with harsh chemicals, etc....

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