Friday, July 8, 2011

Pre-Baby Bucket List: UPDATE

Not much look like it has been accomplished on this list, but paying off this little loan was a huge accomplishment for us and we are very excited! We still have about 5 more loans to go... and trust me they are no where nearly as small as this one was... which is very depressing. But I am very excited to cross something off my list! Yay! Now we really need to find a house. In the mean time, we will be saving as much money as possible up for all of the expenses involved with buying a house (like inspection, earnest money, etc...) We have our realtor looking (and we are too) but there are no houses in Bremen right now! NONE! I am hoping someone will get foreclosed on soon... is that bad? Ha ha.

Oh yeah, I have accomplished one more thing. I finally got some wedding pictures into our frames! I was so use to see those models in the picture frame, and it's hard to get use to seeing us in there! Ha ha.
  1. Pay off part 1 of the Ed Financial Loan
  2. Buy a house 
  3. Hamilton get a new job or promotion
  4. Take at least one more vacation to somewhere cool, like Universal Studios or Disney World (May 2012 hopefully!!!)
  5. Buy a video camera & maybe even a new digital camera
  6. Save up $$$ for a new (used) car
  7. Eat healthier (and in the process lose the 10 lbs I gained since I've been married...)
  8. Print all of my wedding pictures, put them in a picture book & in frames 
  9. Savor every minute of my time without a child by doing things like this: sleep in, more date nights, mini-vacations, cleaning with harsh chemicals, etc....

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